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Who is Christian Commity Home of Osceola?

CCH of Osceola is a subsidiary of Christian Community Homes and Services, a faith-based, non-profit senior services organization from Hudson, Wisconsin.

Why is CCH building in Osceola?

Christian Community Homes has a stellar reputation as a senior servcie provider in Hudson, Wisconsin. CCH has held the license for 40 nursing home beds fo Osceola since closing of L.O. Simenstad Nursing Care Unit. This license, combined with a 20-bed Memory Care Center, makes CCH of Osceola financially viable.

CCH saw this as an opportunity to apply 28 years of experience and best practices in a brand new facility. This unique connection to a medical facility improves the quality and availability of medical services for the residents. Building on a large campus offers other amenities such as a future fitness center, walking trails regreational parks, etc.


Why build now?

If the license is not used, it must be returned to the State of Wisconsin and will not be available for use in Osceola.

Will CCH accept Medicare, Medicaid and Long Term Care Insurance?

CCH of Osceola will be a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility and accept many Long Term Care Insurance plans.

When will construction begin?

It is expected that CCH will break ground late in 2010. Construction of the new facility is expected to take approximately 14 months with completion in 2011.

How Much will the facility cost?

The Christian Community Homes' budget for construction, equipment, furnishings and development costs is $6.2 million.

Where will the new facility be located?

Located on Osceola Medical Center's 134-acre campus south of Osceola, the new facility will be connected to OMC's building.

Why is a Capital Campaign necessary?

CCH of Osceola is a non-profit organization. The Capital Campaign will raise funds vital to the project's overall financial structure. Osceola Medical Center's gift of 20 acres of land was the first donation providing CCHS with equity for financing. Proceeds from the campaign will ensure this project's financing plan is sustainable and affordable.

What is the campaign fundraising goal?

The goal for the Capital Campaign is $2.5 million.

How can I help?

Christian Community Home of Osceola is asking for your support of this project and all who embrace this significant opportunity. A successful campaign of volunteer workers and generous donors will make this vision a reality for the greater Osceola community ensuring the legacy of care continues for generations to come. The fundraising goal for the project is $2.5 million. Please consider a five-year pledge. CCH of Osceola is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. You are encouraged to contact a qualified, professional advisor to determine the full tax benefits of your gift.

How will I be recognized?

Christian Community Home of Osceola is extremely grateful for the tremendous support we have received from the community in our effort to raise funds for the new facility. All donors of $1,000 and above will be recognized for their contribution on the premanent display in the new facility. Donor recognition gift levels range from $1,000 to $2,000,000. Donor's names will be noted under the appropriate gift level. Please see the additional information provided regarding naming opportunities that are available for designated areas of the facility.

In partnership with Christian Community Homes and Services - Hudson, and Osceola Medical Center:
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