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Christian Community Homes of Hudson

Christian Community Homes of Hudson is known for quality care and uncommon attention to detail in creating a homelike atmosphere for their residents. These award-winning services will be incorporated into the Osceola campus. The following heartfelt testimonials are from families, including long time residents of Osceola, who have experienced CCH first hand.

"We could not be more pleased with the staff and general set-up of Hudson's Christian Community Home. I have recommended the facility to everyone who asks about it. My family and friends feel that we are very fortunate to have a facility/campus of this quality in our community."

-Diane Danielson
Family of CCH of Hudson Resident

"I think to have a nursing home back in Osceola would be a tremendous asset to the community.

-Curt Paulson
Long time Osceola Resident
Currently residing at CCH of Hudson

"I never knew that nursing homes could be this nice. It's the nicest facility I've ever seen, it really is. If it could feel any more like home, I'd be surprised. We come to happy hour whenever we are able, and it is such a lovely event. That sunroom is full of people, and it feels like a celebration in that room. There's lots of conversation, and lots of family members. It's a great time for us to be together."

-Bruce and Wendy Paulson
Family of Curt Paulson

"My mother lived on the CCH campus for four years. The first thing she commented about was how delicious the food was. What was most impressive though was the love and compassion from all members of the staff and attention to her individual needs. We are committed to delivering this same level of love, care and compassion at CCH of Osceola.

-Larry Parfitt, President
CCHS Board of Directors
Family of former resident of CCH of Hudson

In partnership with Christian Community Homes and Services - Hudson, and Osceola Medical Center:
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